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Every chef, bartender, restaurateur and product designer has their own unique style, so no two shoots are ever quite the same. We’ll work alongside you to create results that achieve your aims and enhance your image.

Whether you want us to capture the atmosphere of your restaurant, or you need a full studio shoot with stylists, chefs and the whole marketing department on set, we’ll make it happen. 

At a glance, here are some of the services that Full Steam Pictures can provide:

  • Food Photography

  • Drink Photography

  • Menu Photography

  • Food Packaging Photography

  • Restaurant Photography

  • Food Editorials

  • Videography

  • Editorial Photography

  • Cookbook Photography

  • Hotel, Restaurant and Pub Photography

  • Food Styling

  • On-Site Chef

  • Full Development Kitchen

  • Fully equipped Studio

What We Can Offer

We aim to cater for all requirements, whether it’s pack shots, recipes, lifestyle or a one-off shot.

We can provide a chef and/or food stylists that would best fit the requirements for your brand.

Full Steam Pictures can either perform an on-location shoot, or a shoot in our Studio. We offer a full-service development kitchen, along with mood boards, backgrounds, props and customised lighting.

Rates and Flexibility

Our day rate remains the same whether you are a small or global company. We don’t charge London prices, but we deliver fantastic images, along with personal service every step of the way.

We appreciate that start-up companies may not have the budget initially for the photography and video requirements. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients, with mutual satisfaction as the goal.

What are the benefits of shooting in the Studio?

Time is used more effectively as we have everything set up and ready to go. The kitchen, lighting, props, refreshments, mood boards and WiFi are at your disposal, as there is a television available for you to view the images as they are taken. On average, we find that we can shoot 70% more effectively in the Studio.

Do I have to come to the shoot?

We always ask our clients to complete a brief. This allows us to create the look and style you have chosen more easily.
Mood boards are a great way to do this. As long as the brief is accurate, we can send over the first shot for approval before we continue in your absence.

The Studio is catered towards our clients to be on the shoot, and you are able to view as we shoot in comfortable surroundings. The images can be available and edited ready for you as you leave.

How long does a shoot take?

We hear stories all the time about photographers taking hours on one shot. This is not the case with Full Steam Pictures.
In the Studio, our equipment and lightning will already be adapted from the brief. In some cases the lighting may be changed, but as long as the chef/stylist is ready with the dishes, we are ready to shoot.

How many images can we have?

There is no limit on how many images you can have. It may be that you require some of the images for a website, and some for print media. We will provide you with whatever images you would like.

Is editing included or is this an additional cost?

All our images are high res and ready for print or web use. Any minor touch-ups that are needed are done in-house.
If there is something that requires more than minor editing, we will out-source it, but the cost is minimal, and with a precise brief this is rare.

Can I bring my own chef / food stylist?

Yes, absolutely, if you know that they will work well and know your brand. Sometimes this works out better.

Full Steam Pictures are here to help.

To contact us to discuss your requirements, please reach out to Michelle, our Studio Manager, at (0330) 223-1235 or