Salad in the Sun

Salad in the Sun

19th Jun 2017

One of our clients, Florette, needed an up-to-date image of their fields to adorn the sides of their lorries. The only problem? It was in Spain and they needed it urgently.

They contacted Full Steam Pictures and a few days later we were despatched to Alicante, then on to Albacete. After a short tour of their fields we set about capturing the panorama needed to go on the side of their huge lorries.

The facility was a sight to behold, various greens at different states of maturity all basking in the glorious Spanish sunshine. Some were being harvested by the army of workers, whilst others had just been planted.

The shot was captured and after a few telephone calls back to the UK we returned to Alicante to fly home, 18 hours in total!

The result is below, and we are very proud and can't wait to see our images transporting the freshest salad up and down the country.