"We understand chefs. We appreciate the importance they place on presentation. It is our job to capture the moment."

- Tom, Lead Food Photographer


We know how much effort goes into creating every dish or drink we shoot, and our dedication to each project shows in our work. We’re not just here to capture images – we’ll always do all we can to maximise your budget and produce assets that will help you achieve your goals.

Meet the Full Steam Team

Tom Image

Tom understands chefs, and knows it is all about the details. He takes the time to discuss their process and motivators and brings that out in the images he creates. He loves food and photography, and combining both as a career was a natural progression. This job takes him all over the country, meeting new and exciting clients, and that’s just the way he likes it. 

Ian Image
Food Stylist

Ian has over 20 years’ experience working at some of the world’s Finest establishments, including the Vineyard at Stockcross and Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. He was a finalist in The Knorr National Chef of the year and a 2006 Acorn winner, and with a classical background to Michelin standard, Ian has worked at the forefront of modern British and international cuisine. 

Mark Image
Art Director

Mark has a sharp eye for detail, which made him perfect for Full Steam Pictures. With over 20 years’ experience, he sees the big picture, from blue chip pack shots to inviting interiors, his ‘eye’ is invaluable.

Michelle Image
Studio Manager

Nothing leaves Full Steam Pictures without Michelle’s approval. Whether it is nailing a brief with a client or approving images to be released, her attention to detail ensures our clients’ requirements are always met.

Sam Image

Sam is London-based and that puts him right in the heart of one of the greatest culinary mixing bowls in the world. His style reflects this eclectic mix and he is able to draw on his vast experience and genuine love of all things food to solve even the most difficult of food photography problems.

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